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Welcome. My name is Jack Calandra and I am a photographer from Long Island NY. Please have a look around the different galleries. There is lots to see and I am always adding new images. You can click on any gallary, or on any image to display it in a larger size. The watermarks can be removed if you should decide to order prints. Please see the about me and my contact email is under contacts or use the email icon below. There are buttons underneath each photo that will enable you to share, change the view size or buy that particular photo.

Jack Calandra

The images that are presented here are the result of some of my latest work in digital photography. I have dabbled in several activities in my life, such as being a musician (drummer), gardening, and cooking. I have also had a successful career in the Information Technology field, however,  I have always had a passion for photography. Now that I am retired from my regular job, I have been spending time honing my skills. I have not been formally trained except for several darkroom courses that I enrolled in at the International Center of Photography in New York City and Nassau Community College long before digital photography was the trend. Most of the work that I have done was in black and white in my own darkroom, developing black and white film and printing on traditional silver based black and white papers. Some of which will be on the website at a later date.  Technology has come a long way and I am using some of the latest techniques and software to process my digital negatives. Please take some time and have a look around.  My hope is that you will be delighted if not inspired. If there is something that you like, you can place an order by clicking on the BUY button under any particular image.  The watermarks will be removed when your order is placed and the lab will ship the prints directly to you. Or optionally, you can contact me and I can print any image myself or order it for you at a reasonable price.  I print all of my images using the best archival inks and papers. for more information, please contact me at jgcala179@outlook.com.   

Thanks and come by often,

Jack Calandra

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